Engagement by Design

"Engagement by Design" refers to the design and development of interfaces for long-term, voluntary use, spanning dozens, if not thousands, of interactions, and in which maintenance of user adherence to a desired interaction usage pattern is of primary interest. Domains in which these issues are important include: wellness applications, such as long-term exercise or diet promotion; web site “stickiness”; multi-session intelligent tutoring systems; and computer games.

CHI 2009 Workshop (April 5th, 2009)

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Send submissions to: engagement@ccs.neu.edu

Pre-Workshop Homework

Screen shot from behavior tracking website
Critique (Sunny)

Notes from Break-out Groups

Theory (Tim)
Promoting Engagement (Sunny)
Evaluation (Stephen)


Timothy Bickmore. Northeastern University, bickmore at ccs.neu.edu
Sunny Consolvo, Intel Research
Stephen Intille, MIT house_n